Featured Artifacts

Our lab receives thousands of artifacts every field season and this section is our way of sharing our finds with the public. Here you will find pages that showcase some of our most prized collections.

Left Handed Stone Knife

Projectile Point with Embedded Fossil

Early Archaic Nettling Point

Lice Combs

Movember: Moustache Teacup

The Humble Nail

The John Elford Bottles

Mast Stepping: The Schooner Penny

Toronto, Ontario

The Lower Canada Rebellion Penny

Syphilitic Skull of Frederick Davis

Toronto, Ontario

Queen’s Wharf 3D Artifacts

Toronto, Ontario

Camp Coffee

3 Merry Widows

Alphabet Wares


St. Patrick’s Day


Canada Day


Fort York

Robbie Burns Day

The Broke Token

In Your Backyard!

International Mother Language Day

The Infant Feeder

Labour Day

Mother’s Day

A Mexican Coin in Ontario

Remembrance Day

The Battle of York

The Expedient Tool

Victoria Day