Projectile Point with Embedded Fossil

Archaic point with fossil shell Ontario archaeology artifacts

This projectile point fragment was discovered during field walking and it contains the extra surprise of a tiny, fossilized bivalve shell embedded inside the grey and white chert.

Because were are missing the base and tip of this point, we can’t identify the exact age or style of this tool. It was also found in the middle of a small surface scatter of non-diagnostic stone debitage, making it difficult for us to identify it by context at the moment. The site was discovered on high land between two hollows close to a former stream, a nice location to camp overnight while travelling or hunting. When the site is further explored by stage 3 test unit excavation, we will gain new insight into the type of site we are looking at, including how old it is.  For now, we are happy to have this intriguing point with an extra surprise inside, something that probably delighted the artifact’s maker as well!