Our 8th Annual Field Photo Contest

It’s that time of year again!

As the screens are folded, the shovels stowed, cameras tucked away in their bags, everyone’s toes are about to be toasty warm in their slippers at home and the field season is coming to a close… which means it’s time for our Field Photo Contest!

Join us in voting for your favorites in each of the four categories: Fieldwork, Above Ground Heritage, Artifacts, and the always popular, Nature! Be sure to scroll all the way down so you don’t miss any of this year’s magnificent submissions.

Voting is anonymous until voting ends on Friday, December 8th at 4pm. Once we release the winners, the photographer of each snap will be revealed. Thanks to all who participated! Let’s celebrate our hard-working crews and raise a cup of hot chocolate for these wonderful photos from the field!

Boots on the Ground: Photographs of Fieldwork

Above Ground Heritage


Great Finds: Amazing Artifacts

Landscapes And Nature