Cultural Heritage Conference Contributions

Meredith Stewart
Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (SSAC) Annual Conference, 2024
The Annex neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario has a long-held reputation for being a home for the upper echelon, a view perpetuated through the turn-of-the-century mansions that anchor its leafy streetscapes. Spadina Road, which...
Rebecca Sciarra
Carleton University Symposium on Municipal Heritage Planning Issues in Canada, 2010
Robert I. MacDonald
Ontario Association for Impact Assessment Conference 2014
For the last decade, ASI has been involved in the impact assessment of Highway 407 East with respect to archaeological heritage. It is arguably the largest and most complex archaeological assessment and mitigation...
Annie Veilleux
National Trust Conference 2022
A decade ago, common concerns related to heritage conservation that we were hearing from property owners, developers, or governmental representatives focused on the economic costs and physical building restrictions perceived to be imposed...
Lisa Merritt, Rebecca Sciarra, and Robert MacDonald
Ontario Association of Impact Assessment Conference, 2017
The assessment of cultural heritage, including archaeological resources, built heritage, and cultural landscapes, provides an important historical perspective on past environments and human ecology. Heritage is also inherently predisposed to regional strategic EA...
Lauren Archer (ASI)
National Trust Conference 2016
Hockey fulfills a lot of roles in Canada: It’s a sport, a past-time, a form of entertainment, and, frequently, a symbol for nationhood and identity. Hockey could also be recognized as an evolved...
Rebecca Sciarra
21st Annual Heritage Day Workshop, Waterloo, Ontario, 2018
Rebecca Sciarra
National Trust Conference 2017
This presentation will focus on the intersection between regulations, guidelines and policies that help foster a culture of conservation by looking at the Credit River Valley in the Province of Ontario. The Credit...
Caitlin Coleman
Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Conference 2019
In Ontario’s Cultural Resource Management industry, we are experiencing a profound change in how we communicate with the public. Where once we relied on newspapers, academic journals, and museums to disseminate our knowledge,...
Rebecca Sciarra, Annie Veilleux and Joel Konrad
Borders in Globalization Conference, Carleton University, 2014
Cultural heritage landscapes in Ontario reflect historic settlement patterns, archaeological resources, cultural influences, architectural styles, and historic events. They are perhaps best understood as geographies that retain cultural and/or historical value to communities,...
Chair: Joel Konrad (ASI), Participants: Marcus Letourneau (Queens University), Rebecca Sciarra (ASI), David Cuming (Cultural Heritage Resource Consultant), Robert MacDonald (ASI), Michelle Lee (City of Waterloo), and Stephan Heathorn (McMaster University)
Asociation of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS) Conference 2016
Private sector cultural heritage evaluation, protection, and management in Ontario exist at the nexus of academic theory, legislative direction, and land-use planning. Heritage work in this context follows a conservation approach to mitigate...
Annie Veilleux, Joel Konrad, Heidy Schopf and Rebecca Sciarra
Cultural Landscapes and Heritage Values Conference, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2015
Ontario’s 2005 and 2014 Provincial Policy Statements (PPS) mandate that “significant cultural heritage landscapes shall be conserved.” This, however, has not led to great advancement in strategic heritage planning, nor has policy compliance...
Stephen Irving, Francesco Manganiello, Rebecca Sciarra, and Christopher Wiebe
In Focus Speakers’ Series Workshop on the Arts and Heritage in Rural Communities, May 3 2007
This paper examines the findings of the Rideau Heritage Initiative (RHI), a 2006 Ontario provincial summer pilot project, conducted in the predominantly rural municipalities of the Rideau Canal Corridor that was designed to...