We are hiring a Human Resources Manager within our Business Affairs Division. Applications are due by Friday May 20th.

We are hiring a Technical Writer for our Mitigation Division. Applications are due by Friday June 3rd. 

We are currently hiring Field Directors and Field Technicians to work on our Burlington based crews. Our season starts on May 2nd, and we will continue to hire until all positions are filled. 

We are looking to hire a Toronto area Field Director with Woodland archaeology experience, and experienced Toronto area Field Technicians.

We are also looking for a Field Director and Field Technicians to join our project in Kingston, at the Kingston General Hospital.

Our ideal Field Director candidates have a Research License from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries and a strong background in Mitigative excavation. If you don’t meet those requirements, but you are interested in the Field Director career path please get in touch! We would be happy to discuss job opportunities and shed some light on the licensing process.

Please be advised that if you are interested in working for us as a field technician, desirable candidates possess the following: