A Biocultural Approach for Managing Transborder Cultural Heritage Landscapes

This chapter within Borders, Culture, and Globalization: A Canadian Perspective edited by Victor Konrad and Melissa Kelly, explores the relationship between borders and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage resources in a municipal context. Intergovernmental researchers and policymakers have recently linked conservation of natural and cultural heritage to the protection of biocultural diversity, defined […]

Bill 23: This Game of Chicken Will Have a Bad Ending

The Ontario Government’s introduction of Bill 23, the More Homes, Built Faster Act, 2022, proposes a series of significant changes to the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA). All of the proposed amendments require swift critique and analysis. Most concerning are those to Section 27 of the OHA. These proposed changes, while incredibly substantial, are at the same time, short on […]

From Grey to Print: Early Archaic Components on the East Don River: Archaeological Investigations of the Edgar and Andridge Sites

The Edgar and Andridge sites, situated on headwater streams of the east Don River, were salvage excavated by Archaeological Services Inc. between 2003 and 2006. This article summarizes the subsequent analyses of their settlement data and material culture. An environmental reconstruction was undertaken that included examinations of the geomorphological origin of the area, climate, regional […]

Population movements of the Huron-Wendat viewed through strontium isotope analysis

The Journal of Archaeological Science

Environmental isotopes can provide information about the composition of groups and the movement of people across landscapes. The archaeological record of Huron-Wendat communities in south-central Ontario is one of numerous drainage-based sequences of small villages among which families or larger population segments moved. These villages amalgamated in the early to mid-sixteenth century into fewer, larger […]

Farmers, Fishers, Hunters and Trades — Indigenous Communities on Georgian Bay

Discover the marvel that is Georgian Bay, its hidden history, its storied rock, culture, and the fragile nature that abounds here. The Bay has been home to Indigenous people for thousands of years. Samuel Champlain canoed it in 1615 marveling at its maze of islands. The Bay was a significant part of the fur trade […]

Industrial Malting Tiles Found on Toronto Hospital Site

In July 2018, ASI undertook a Stage 4 salvage excavation of lands that were once part of the original Hospital Reserve in the Town of York, now Toronto. The hospital was an important public institution during the cholera epidemics of 1832 and 1834, and most particularly the typhus epidemic of 1847. The July 2018 work also […]

Urban rats have less variable, higher protein diets

Over the past 1000 years, rats (Rattus spp.) have become one of the most successful and prolific pests in human society. Despite their cosmopolitan distribution across six continents and ubiquity throughout the world’s cities, rat urban ecology remains poorly understood. We investigate the role of human foods in brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) diets in urban […]