Field Photo Contest!

We have some very talented amateur photographers on staff who, through the nature of our industry, get a glimpse into a world not many people get to see. These photos show the range of work we do at ASI, whether it be shots of untouched wilderness, a rural landscape, an abandoned house, or the hidden world […]

The hidden history of Ontario’s first fish hatchery

The blue and gold plaques can be seen across the province. Nestled between a GO transit commuter parking lot and the expanding town of Newcastle, a sign announces the location of Ontario’s first full-scale fish hatchery. Wilmot Creek has long been considered one of the best fishing creeks in Ontario. Samuel Wilmot lived beside the creek […]

Halloween Spiders Roundup!

Our staff have many hidden talents. Our report writer Dr. Mike Brand is a spider expert, and an excellent photographer. Put those two skills together and you get a great collection of spider photos! These are Mike’s top five favourite spider pictures that he has taken while doing archaeological survey throughout Ontario (and one from Newfoundland). […]

Perspectives From A Future Archaeologist: Eleanor Barnett-Wright

Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing company for a very short few weeks, I now know that archaeology is in my future. As a high school student nearing the end of my time in secondary education, I was tasked with deciding what I would like to do during my one-month […]

“Feature” Employee : Poorya Kashani

Poorya Kashani inside deep unit in the field

Meet Poorya, one of our field archaeologists working out of the Toronto office. He brings a fresh perspective to ASI with his strong academic background in Near Eastern archaeology. When he’s not impressing us with his knowledge of bronze artifacts from the first millennium BCE, he likes to spend time with his family and travel the world. […]

Protecting heritage, protecting workers: health and safety at ASI

John Sleath wearing safety gear

We asked some of our Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) staff members what aspect of ASI’s health and safety plan is most applicable to them in their job role, and what policies are in place that help them manage the issue. Here are their responses.   John Sleath (Staff Archaeologist) As a Certified Worker […]

“Feature” Employee: Caitlin Coleman

Meet Caitlin, ASI’s dynamic assistant lab manager, who found her calling in collections management. When she’s not baking delicious goods or sewing creative costumes, you’ll find this Museum Studies graduate organizing collections in ASI’s lab to the sound of history podcasts. I was always fascinated with history, so I started out taking a history and anthropology degree at […]

The Karma Project in Simcoe County #ASItravels

Next time you’re in Simcoe County and in need of some respite and nourishment, check out the Karma Market – known locally as Huronia’s Local Food Hub. ASI Cultural Heritage Specialists Rebecca Sciarra and Peter Carruthers had the wonderful opportunity to happen on this local gem recently while doing work in the area. ASI was thrilled to […]

“Feature” Employee: Martin Cooper

Meet one of our four former partners and ASI’s Manager of Northern Ontario: Martin Cooper. When he’s not cycling the 20+ km from Thornhill to the ASI head office, you might find this canoe-lover in goal on the ice hockey rink or planning his next winter camping adventure. When I was 10 years old our camp cabin visited the Warminster […]

The Road to Huronia #ASItravels

The following account, written by ASI staff archaeologist John Sleath, is based on true events. [line] It all sounded like a great idea at the time. “Midland isn’t that far, we should just drive up there in the morning. It won’t be that early.” That all made sense, but Saturday October 17th came, and it […]