Evidence of socio-economic complexity at the Precolumbian Maya site of Coco Chan, Belize

Archaeologists argue that the resiliency of Precolumbian Maya communities during the Terminal Classic collapse (800-1000 AD) in the Maya lowlands was based on their leaders’ ability to navigate the institutional and interrelational changes of the period, especially as they relate to divine kingship. This can be extended to include the leaders’ ability to adapt to […]

Hello from the Other Side: Knowledge Dissemination from CRM Archaeology in Ontario

For the last five years I have been working on disseminating knowledge about heritage and archaeology through my role as Assistant Manager of Communications at ASI, Ontario’s largest Cultural Resource Management company. My goal has been to make information about our current work accessible, by tailoring the messaging to a variety of platforms and audiences. […]

Settlement Change, Urbanism, and Human and Environment Interaction at Lamanai and Ka’kabish: Two Precolumbian Maya sites in Northern Belize.

This book offers us new data about Lamanai and Ka’kabish, two Ancient Maya sites that thrived during the collapse of the Southern Lowlands in the Late to Terminal Classic periods (AD 650-1000). Introducing an interesting and innovative method (relative-risk surface) to analyse changes in Ancient Maya settlements over time. Provides a much-needed synthesis of the […]

From Grey to Print: Early Archaic Components on the East Don River: Archaeological Investigations of the Edgar and Andridge Sites

The Edgar and Andridge sites, situated on headwater streams of the east Don River, were salvage excavated by Archaeological Services Inc. between 2003 and 2006. This article summarizes the subsequent analyses of their settlement data and material culture. An environmental reconstruction was undertaken that included examinations of the geomorphological origin of the area, climate, regional […]

The Exhibit Archaeology Alive! The Jean-Baptiste Lainé Site in Whitchurch-Stouffville

The Jean-Baptiste Lainé site was home to a remarkable 16th-century Huron-Wendat community located in what is now the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. The exhibit Archaeology Alive! The Jean-Baptiste Lainé Site in Whitchurch-Stouffville opened at the Whitchurch Stouffville Museum & Community Centre in July 2019. Join representatives from the HuronWendat Nation, Archaeological Services Inc., Ryerson University, and […]

Empathic Traditions: A New Look at an Old Collection

Niagara Falls Museums teamed up with Landscape of Nations 360° (LON) in 2019 to gain a fresh perspective and accurate account of their collection. The direction of the project was to apply Indigenous knowledge and perspectives focused on parts of the collection that had sat dormant for many years. Much of the Indigenous collection at […]

Telling Great stories: A Panel

Archaeology can be synonymous with dry and boring or with adventure and discovery. Which it is depends very much on how we talk about archaeology. When we think about it in terms of artifact lists and trait tables and whether a site has further CHVI…well…yawn. But, when we think about how privileged archaeologists are to […]

Oldies but Goodies: The Use of CRM Legacy Collections for Academic Research

ASI (Archaeological Services Inc.) has been a cultural resource management firm working in Ontario since 1980. Over the past 40 years we have excavated, catalogued, and curated a wealth of legacy collections, many of which have been used for research by the academic community. This presentation will highlight the academic work of various scholars who […]

What’s in the Box? Ceramic Analysis of Charlie Garrad’s Legacy Collections

In 2014, ASI (Archaeological Services Inc.) collaborated with Charles Garrad to take responsibility for his archaeological collections, which represent his life’s work as an avocational archaeologist. Within his collections there are 47 Tionontaté sites that date roughly from the early A.D. 1500s to A.D. 1650 and are located near present-day Collingwood, Ontario. In the fall […]