Don Mills Crossing

In November, 2017, ASI was contracted by the City of Toronto to conduct a Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment (C.H.R.A.) to ensure that properties of cultural heritage value or interest were appropriately identified, understood, and conserved as part of an up-to-date planning framework for the Don Mills and Eglinton area. A write-up of the project can […]

Hazley Bay Stone Culvert

A Cultural Heritage Evaluation was conducted as part of a CPR Bridge replacement in the Township of Laurentian Valley. The culvert was constructed circa 1876 as part of the Canada Central Railway line connecting the Town of Pembroke with Ottawa and Brockville.

Edwards Gardens

A Heritage Impact and Cultural Landscape Assessment was conducted in advance of proposed alterations to Edwards Gardens, a 14-hectare public garden in North York that is owned by the City of Toronto.

Queen’s Wharf Station Site

The 2011 Queen’s Wharf Station Site excavations documented the 1850s land making process that led to the original formation of the majority of the property, along with the remains of portions of the 1855-1856 Grand Trunk Railway engine house, the contemporary Garrison Creek channelization structure, and the Queen’s Wharf that extended into the project area.

Old Don Jail Cemetery 2: Exhumation & Reburial

This particular reports details the exhumation and reburial process, as well as two-dimensional facial reconstructions for Burials 1, 3, and 5, drawn by professional forensic artist Victoria Lywood.

Old Don Jail Cemetery 1: Investigation

In 2007, ASI was retained to examine a burial area of Toronto’s Old Don Jail. The investigation led to to the discovery of fifteen individuals who were all hanged at the jail between 1872-1930. The report details the discovery of the unapproved cemetery and the subsequent identification of individuals.

McNair Site

The McNair site was a 1.0 hectare village occupied during the middle of the fifteenth century AD. A sizable and noteworthy ceramic assemblage was recovered from McNair including 539 analyzable vessels, 184 miniature or juvenile vessels and 433 smoking pipe fragments.

Elmbank Church and Cemetery

In advance of construction for a new runway, taxiway and deicing facility at Lester B. Pearson International Airport, ASI was retained to excavate the structural remains of a nineteeth-century Catholic church and rectory, as well as exhume and rebury a total of 622 individuals from its associated cemetery. The vast majority of those interred at Elmbank were […]

Government House

As part of the the production of a War of 1812 documentary film, ASI was retained to excavate an exploratory trench in order to locate the remains of the Government House on the grounds of the Fort York National Historic Site.  A total of 3,986 Euro-Canadian artifacts related to the house and Fort York were […]

Henry Site

Excavated as part of the Red Hill Creek Expressway project in Hamilton, the Henry site yielded evidence of an early nineteenth-century Euro-Canadian domestic homestead occupied by Henry Spera and his descendants.