Bones of the Ancestors

In 1997, an Iroquoian ossuary dating to the thirteenth century containing the remains of at least 87 people was accidentally discovered in Toronto. The pit was excavated and recorded. Detailed mapping of the skeletal remains led to a reconstruction of the method and sequence of placing the bodies within the ossuary. Analyses of the bones […]

Death At Snake Hill – Secrets From a War of 1812 Cemetery

Published by Dundurn Press (1993), this is a popular account of a contemporary archaeological project, the story of the skeletons it uncovered and a revealing parable of the conflicts that arise when pressures for land development collide with heritage conservation. This book is available from ASI.

Government on Fire

Government on Fire presents a lively account of the discovery and delineation of an important historical and archaeological site for Toronto and beyond. It also suggests some lessons for urban planners and heritage conservationists, who may imagine that there is little left of the more distant past within the complex and intertwined history of institutional […]