Andrew Riddle, PhD


Andrew began his career with ASI in 2002 and currently holds the positions of Partner and Senior Archaeologist. He is the Director of ASI’s Mitigation Division, responsible for overseeing Stage 3 and Stage 4 archaeological mitigation projects throughout the province. His responsibilities include senior project management, resource allocation, and quality assurance for all deliverables. Dr. Riddle is a lithic analysis specialist and is professionally-licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. He also serves as Manager of Information Technology, and is responsible for overseeing all of ASI’s information management systems, equipment, and processes.

Since joining ASI as permanent staff in 2009, Andrew Riddle has served as Project Manager on numerous archaeological assessment and mitigation projects throughout Ontario, primarily as part of the Environmental Assessment process. This work includes hundreds of municipal infrastructure improvement projects ranging from small-scale watermain replacements to expansive multi-kilometer hydro-electric corridor refurbishments. Of particular note, Andrew has managed several multi-phase assessments for large Renewable Energy Approval (REA) projects in southwestern Ontario. These projects included the successful completion of year-round excavations on dozens of pre-contact Indigenous and post-contact Euro-Canadian archaeological sites. As a result, Andrew has extensive experience with archaeological requirements and restrictions under the REA process.

Andrew received his undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Waterloo, specializing in Archaeology. It was during this time that he was fortunate enough to begin working with ASI on site mitigations for the Red Hill Expressway.  His doctorate was earned from the University of Toronto, where he conducted research on stone tool technologies used by the ancient inhabitants of Victoria Island, Nunavut. His particular areas of expertise include lithic analysis, information systems design and implementation, archaeometry, and digital modeling. Andrew has published articles on three-dimensional artifact modeling and shape analysis, a fusion of his combined interests in stone tools and computational science. As co-founder and administrator of the online ArchaeoWiki Project, he is an advocate for digital collaboration and public engagement in the worldwide archaeological community.

Dr. Riddle lives with his wife and twin daughters in Waterdown, where they enjoy hiking, biking, and attending community events and festivals. Playing golf, hockey, camping and (of course) flint-knapping round off his most loved activities.

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