AGO Canadian Collection: Stone Artifacts

Dr. Williamson on a looping video at the AGO
Dr. Ron Williamson appears on a looping video in the AGO gallery.

The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Canadian collection includes the work of Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven,  Cornelius Krieghoff, Emily Carr, David Milne, Paul Emile Borduas, William Kurelek and Alex Colville. The AGO also houses an impressive collection (5,000 objects in total) of Inuit art, and famous paintings created by First Nations artists. The gallery actively seeks First Nations pieces to add to its already notable collection of art and ASI loaned many artifacts to the gallery for a display in the entry to the Canadian Gallery. The display features hundreds of spear and arrow points made from chert (flint) as well as a famous slate “Thunderbird Gorget” artifact from the Peace Bridge site excavations in Fort Erie, Ontario. Some of the items on loan from ASI include:

  • Palaeo-Indian point (Hi-Lo)
  • Early, Middle and Late Archaic points, preforms and blades (Nettling, Brewerton, Crawford Knoll, Adder Orchard, Ace of Spades,
    Genesee, Hind, Innes, Lamoka
  • Early Woodland, Middle and Transitional points, drills and blades (Adena, Meadowood, Levanna)
  • Late Woodland points (Iroquoian, Iroquian Triangular, Nanitcoke Triangular, Dewaele)

Visit the Peace Bridge Featured Project and/or read In The Shadow of the Peace Bridge Site to learn more.