August at ASI

Presenting a roundup of all the stories, photos and projects that got us excited this month. August has found us getting outside, having picnics, celebrating our dogs, and teaching some great kids about archaeology! This month we got on board the Ontario Parks #30x30challenge which invites everyone to spend 30 minutes outside for 30 days straight. […]

July at ASI!

Presenting a monthly roundup of all the stories, photos and projects that got us excited this month. July has found us trying to escape the heat, answering questions through the Ask An Archaeologist hashtag, and learning about ancient bread!   Ask An Archaeologist is a new concept that grew out of the heritage community in […]

Our second annual Field Photo contest!

We have some very talented amateur photographers on staff who, through the nature of our industry, get a glimpse into a world not many people get to see. These photos show the range of work we do at ASI, whether it be a beautiful landscape, an urban alleyway, an exciting artifact, or the fun times we […]

St Patrick’s Day Snake Roundup!

A Northern Watersnake photographed while doing archaeological survey in Ontario

Previously we shared the great spider photos that our report writer Mike Brand captured during his time doing archaeological survey work. Today in honour of St Patrick’s Day we are bringing you a fresh round-up of Mike’s wildlife photos, this time featuring snakes snapped in and around Ontario archaeological sites! Many of these snakes were […]

Halloween Spiders Roundup!

Our staff have many hidden talents. Our report writer Dr. Mike Brand is a spider expert, and an excellent photographer. Put those two skills together and you get a great collection of spider photos! These are Mike’s top five favourite spider pictures that he has taken while doing archaeological survey throughout Ontario (and one from Newfoundland). […]