The Case of the Decomposing Artifact

Artifact bag melted from cellulose off gassing

The Challenges of Curating Early Plastic Artifacts in Archaeological Collections Earlier this fall we pulled a small archaeological collection out of our archive only to discover a minor disaster. An artifact made from an early form of plastic was beginning to decompose, releasing gas into the rest of the collection. The result was a fragmented […]

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama: A Roundup of Polka Dot Artifacts

Yayoi Kusama inspired collection of polka dot archaeology artifacts. Close-up of red transferprint motif on ceramic.

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror exhibit has taken Toronto by storm, with long lines forming every morning in the hopes of getting into explore her unique, interactive installations. Now 89, Kusama is an artist well worth celebrating. She has been producing intense, semi-abstract artwork that feature circles and dots since she was a child. Known as […]

Nuit Blanche 2017

Aga Khan Nuit Blanche Cultural Heritage Toronto

This Saturday, September 30th is Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, when the whole city is filled with art exhibits that are open from dusk to dawn! Nuit Blanche is a great opportunity to see some of our city’s museums and cultural hubs in a new light. We put together a few recommendations for spots to visit: The Broadview Hotel, […]

“Toronto Underfoot” Underway at the ROM!

Dr. Williamson was invited to share his thoughts on Toronto’s archaeological past for the ROM’s new exhibit “Toronto Underfoot”, opening on October 11th, 2014. We spent the afternoon in the depths of the museum’s North American collections while a film crew rolled on… [line] The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is getting ready to launch a […]