ASI’s Rob Macdonald & Martin Cooper Speak at Old Fort Erie

Old Fort Erie is hosting a heritage focused Speaker Series this spring, called Beneath the Surface: History through Archaeology.

The speaker series is delivered as a live-streamed, digital event. These are interactive sessions that offer you the opportunity to ask questions of archaeology experts and an Indigenous educator.

Tickets are $15 per event, or you can gain access to the entire series for $35. As an added bonus, all series-pass holders will also receive an Old Fort Erie season pass for unlimited admission to the fort in 2021.

Rob and Marty’s talk is titled: “13,000 Years of Indigenous Settlement in the Niagara Region”

Abstract: “Archaeological evidence suggests that as the Laurentide Ice Sheet receded 13,000 years ago, Indigenous peoples adapted to a new landscape in the Great Lakes area. The location of their settlements and the technology they created demonstrate a transition that evolved for thousands of years. In this seminar, discover how Indigenous peoples responded to drastic landscape changes in the Niagara region, and shifted from a hunter-gatherer economy to an agricultural economy over the course of 2000 years.”

Tune in on May 19, from 7  – 8 p.m.

To learn about the whole series, check out the website here: