ASI’s Cultural Heritage team wins Award of Merit from the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals

Congratulations to our Cultural Heritage Team for their Award of Merit from the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals! The Documentation and Planning Award was given for the Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessment of Exhibition Place. ASI collaborated with the City of Toronto on this project, you can read more about it here.

Exhibition Place is a unique space within Toronto and holds special summertime memories for many Canadians. This study represents the first time that Exhibition Place has been documented and evaluated as a complex, including its archaeological resources, landscapes, plants, pathways, views and vistas, and open spaces. This project was a huge undertaking, and we are so pleased to see it recognized!

Many people at ASI had a hand in this project, but the official project team consisted of:

Rebecca Sciarra

Kristina Martens

Laura Loney

Meredith Stewart

Laura Wickett

James Neilson

Michael Wilcox

Hannah Brouwers

Andrew Clish

Eva MacDonald

David Robertson

Eric Beales