ASI to Create Archaeological Plan for Township of Caledon

We are very pleased to announce that ASI has been chosen to develop the Town of Caledon’s Archaeological Management Plan. We have significant experience in this type of work, having previously developed Master Plans for Toronto, York and Halton Regions and many other municipalities.

Caledon has a rich 10,000 year Indigenous history, as can be seen by these 3000 year old copper artifacts that we excavated in 2003. These gorgeous beads and awl are made of copper mined in the Lake Superior basin and were discovered as part of a ceremonial biface cache and possible animal burial.The full report on that site can be read here:

The objective of the management plan is to produce an inventory of all of Caledon’s known archaeological sites and then using that known site data, develop a potential model on a GIS platform that predicts where other archaeological sites might be situated. For historical sites we use primary and secondary archival sources while for the Indigenous sites, we also use analyses of Caledon’s natural environment and its changes through time. We also engage with Indigenous Elders to solicit their understanding of their traditional territory.

Finally, the model is made available to the Town’s planners to make the appropriate decisions about when to call for archaeological assessments in advance of land disturbing activities. New archaeological site guidelines and policies will inform the process and also lead to a better understanding of the opportunities for celebrating and commemorating the Town’s rich archaeological record.