ASI is at the 2021 (Virtual) SAA Conference

Assistant Manager of Communications Caitlin Coleman is presenting on Public Communications in CRM at the Annual Society for American Archaeology Conference.

The virtual format is offering lots of great opportunities for people from all over the world to easily learn, chat and get to know each other from the safety of their homes!

There are many great papers, workshops, and posters on the roster this year. Check out the full program here

We are very pleased to participate in a session that focuses entirely on communications in a CRM context, a subject we feel very passionate about!

Caitlin’s Abstract:

For the last five years I have been working on disseminating knowledge about heritage and archaeology through my role as Assistant Manager of Communications at ASI, Ontario’s largest Cultural Resource Management company. My goal has been to make information about our current work accessible, by tailoring the messaging to a variety of platforms and audiences.  I will be discussing the challenges and successes in sharing our work with the broader public, through digital platforms and hands on events, all while balancing the communication needs of a business. Our communications are not tailored solely to the public, we also consider descendant communities, clients, colleagues, and co-workers to be key audiences. I will discuss how I tailor our communications to reach this wide range of individuals who have varying levels of expertise and interest, all while prioritizing both accuracy, sensitivity, and accessibility.

We would encourage you to check out the full session she is participating in: “Is There Gold in that Field?” CRM and Public Outreach on the Front Lines

Date: Saturday, April 17th

Time: 1:45- 4:30 pm