ASI at the Society for American Archaeology Conference

The Annual Conference of the Society for American Archaeology is taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 10-14, 2019 and ASI staff are presenting on two important subjects.

Dr Ron Williamson is co-presenting a paper with Peter Ramsden on Time, Space and Ceramic Attributes: The Ontario Iroquoian Case. This paper is part of a larger session that looks exciting, titled “Dating Iroquioia: Advancing Radiocarbon Chronologies In Northeastern North America”. There are many great Ontario archaeology papers in the session that is being chaired by Megan Conger and Samantha Sanft. Jennifer Birch will be presenting a paper on  “Major Implications of the Dating Iroquoia Project: Rethinking Coalescence, Conflict, and Early European Influences in the Lower Great Lakes Region.” James Conolly and Daniel Smith are also presenting a paper on “Middle to Late Woodland Transition in Southern Ontario: Regional Variation in the Dynamics of Cultural Change.” All in all, a great showing for Ontario archaeology at the SAAs!

Caitlin Coleman is presenting a paper on Public Communications in the Ontario CRM Industry, within a session on “Archaeology for the Public: Education, Outreach, and Engagement: North America.” Her paper is a reflection on challenges and benefits of disseminating archaeological knowledge over social media.