What’s in the Box? Ceramic Analysis of Charlie Garrad’s Legacy Collections

Ontario Archaeological Society Symposium, 2020
Robert Wojtowicz, Caitlin Coleman

In 2014, ASI (Archaeological Services Inc.) collaborated with Charles Garrad to take responsibility for his archaeological collections, which represent his life’s work as an avocational archaeologist. Within his collections there are 47 Tionontaté sites that date roughly from the early A.D. 1500s to A.D. 1650 and are located near present-day Collingwood, Ontario. In the fall of 2017, a volunteer project was undertaken by ASI staff to fully document the ceramic assemblages within the Garrad collection. To date, over 67,000 ceramic artifacts have been analyzed from 39 sites. While the analysis is still ongoing and will continue for many years, certain patterns are emerging in the ceramic record. In this paper, we will be focusing on the analysis of juvenile ceramics, which were not previously reported on by Garrad. These research findings are a testament to the breadth of Garrad’s work, and the potential for new discoveries being made through rigorous analysis of legacy collections.