Policy Planning For Managing Cultural Heritage Landscapes: A Case Study

Good Footings: The Newsletter on the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals, No. 3 Spring 2017
Rebecca Sciarra, CAHP and Lauren Archer
Policy Planning for Managing Cultural Heritage Landscape Rebecca Sciarra Lauren Archer

In 2016, ASI’s Cultural Heritage Division prepared a Cultural Heritage Landscape Feasibility Study on the Mohawk Canal and Alfred Watts Hydro Generating Station Ruins for the City of Brantford. ASI recommended that the City protect this multi-component landscape with a rich, complex history as a significant Cultural Heritage Landscape and as a part of an Official Plan Amendment. Rebecca Sciarra, Partner and Senior Heritage Specialist, and Lauren Archer, Cultural Heritage Specialist and Project Manager, prepared this case study to reflect on lessons learned and to illustrate some emerging best practices for protecting significant and complex landscapes.

Using this project as a starting point, they seek to answer some larger questions about cultural heritage landscapes. How should a landscape be protected? What tools are available to us, as heritage professionals, to protect cultural heritage landscapes? How do you determine which tool is best suited for this landscape?


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