Yellow Ware

Manufacture date: 1825-early 20th century. Available in Ontario: 1840s-1900s

Vessels: utilitarian vessels (baking pans, bowls), chamber pots, and some serving vessels; rarely, if ever, teaware or plates.

Yellowware WotW
Yellow ware baking dish from the Bishop’s Block site, Toronto.

American yellow ware (or yellowware) has a dense, yellow-to-buff coloured body with a clear lead or alkaline glaze while the English variety has a cream to buff body with a yellow-tinted glaze. Annular factory slip decoration is most often seen, though sponged motifs and Rockingham glazes are not uncommon. Yellow ware should not be confused with canary ware (English yellow glazed earthenware) — a type which exhibits an overall bright yellow glaze.

The decoration on this ware can be seen on factory slip (mocha, banded, cable, cat’s eye, general) and Rockingham (a runny, caramel spotted effect).


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