The Mantle Site Display

Wendat Village Public School opened in 2012 near the site of an early 16th century ancestral Wendat (Huron) village, called the Mantle Site, located within the West Duffins Creek system in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario. The school was named in honour of the rich history of the site. Since its opening, the school has engaged its students with the history of the Huron-Wendat and the surviving archaeological record of the area.

Created by ASI Lab Managers Alexis Dunlop and Caitlin Coleman, this temporary display features objects exclusively from the Mantle Site. It outlines the incredible size and scale of the site (occupied by over 1800 people) as well as role of children in ancestral Huron-Wendat society. The goal of the exhibit was to have the students reflect on how children lived in their community in the past. To achieve this, the display includes information and artifacts relating to village games and activities, education and the various tasks of boys and girls.

ASI has made regular visits to the school to engage with the staff and students in helping to develop their understanding of the unique cultural history in their area.

For more information about the site, visit our Mantle Site Featured Project.