The Bishop’s Block Exhibit

The Shangri-La Hotel opened in 2012 on the busy corner of University and Adelaide after two years of excavations by ASI at the site of Bishop’s Block. The excavation involved digging six trenches to expose the foundations and backyard features of four townhouses – three of the houses were constructed in 1832, while the fourth was constructed in 1860. (To read more about the Bishop’s Block project and the finds, visit our Featured Project on the site.)

ASI developed a display of interesting Bishop’s Block finds to be featured in illuminated cases close to the Simcoe and Adelaide Street entrance of the hotel. The display cases are embedded into the old, successfully restored Bishop’s Block Georgian rowhouse that remains beside the hotel. (See the Toronto Star article for more information on that restoration.)

Visitors to the Shangri-La, or even pedestrians walking by, can now view Bishop’s Block artifacts belonging to three categories:

  • The Canadian Table – featuring pitchers, serving dishes and goblets
  • Family Well-Being – featuring various medicine bottles, dental care items and toys
  • Vice and Virtue – featuring soda bottles, alcohol bottles and smoking pipes