Yändata’: The Huron-Wendat begin a new partnership with ASI

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From Grand Chief Konrad Sioui of the Huron-Wendat Nation:

The Huron-Wendat Nation is proud to announce the incorporation of a strategic partnership with Archaeological Services Inc. (ASI), which is designed to ensure the Huron-Wendat Nation’s leadership in carrying out archaeological work for projects that may have an impact on its physical, cultural and ancestral heritage in Ontario. The archaeological heritage management Company Yändata’—which means “village” in the Wendat language—incorporates this partnership. It is now in operation to carry out the full range of archaeological work focusing on ancestral Huron-Wendat sites.

The Huron-Wendat Nation places the preservation, protection and promotion of its patrimonial, ancestral, and cultural rights and interests at the heart of its activities in South Wendake (central Southern Ontario). The occupation and lives of many generations of Huron-Wendat ancestors have left an invaluable wealth that we must protect and develop, and the Nation is increasing its capacity to fulfill a duty that belongs to it through this partnership and the people it involves.

To help achieve this objective, ASI has embraced the opportunity to transfer archaeological expertise and knowledge to the Huron-Wendat Nation. This partnership aims at reconciliation and supports an innovative corporate ethic sought by Indigenous peoples in a contemporary world.

Over the past years, the Huron-Wendat Nation has been present on some forty work sites on its ancestral lands in south Wendake, thereby ensuring more than ten jobs for its members. This partnership will create additional jobs for the Huron-Wendat Nation, promote the transmission of knoweldge, and offer a business solution to proponents wishing to ensure the social acceptability of their projects.

We are proud to share this union of forces with you. Önenh!