Myseum, ASI and CBC team up for Backyard Archaeology event

The Myseum of Toronto is hosting a pop-up Myseum on the Move event, in partnership with ASI and CBC, called Backyard Archaeology. The event features archaeological exhibits related to the history of Toronto and the GTA, while documenting the backyard finds of visitors.

Happening on November 22nd, 2015 in the CBC Atrium, the Myseum is asking people of all ages to share objects they have found in the region with ASI’s professional archaeologists. Visitors are invited to bring in artifacts found on their properties or passed down in their family, and a team of ASI archaeologists will be ready to examine and interpret the public’s collections – just like an Antiques Roadshow! The objects and stories shared at the event will help the Myseum’s online project, Myseum Memories, which represents a diversity of experiences in Toronto.

Backyard Archaeology is free to the public and will also showcase an exhibit of artifacts recovered from archaeological sites across Toronto and the GTA on a variety of themes relating to the Indigenous and early Euro-Canadian settlements of the region and its military and commercial/industrial history. The event is suitable for families with special hands-on activities highlighting archaeological artifacts and themes.

ASI senior archaeologists will be the Myseum Experts for this event: Mr. Martin Cooper, Dr. Katherine Hull, Dr. Robert MacDonald, Ms. Deborah Steiss, and Dr. Ronald Williamson. Additional ASI staff archaeologists will also be available to provide information and answer questions about the artifacts displayed.

November 22, 2015, from 11 pm – 3 pm, at the CBC Barbara Frum Atrium, 250 Front St W, Toronto

Registration is free and encouraged: