Dr Ron Williamson Receives Heritage Toronto’s Special Achievement Award

This Monday, ASI’s founder Dr. Ronald Williamson was honoured to receive the prestigious Special Achievement Award at the annual Heritage Toronto Awards, held at the historic Carlu theatre. The award is presented by the Heritage Toronto Board of Directors, and celebrates exceptional contributions by individuals or organizations to Toronto’s heritage

From Heritage Toronto: “Archaeologist and advocate, Ron Williamson has been a force within the culture and heritage sector—founding one of the first cultural resource management firms in Ontario, spearheading new planning tools for local governments, and advancing public engagement with Toronto’s history and archaeology.”

Ron founded the company that has become the largest archaeological and cultural heritage consulting firm in Ontario, and has spent 40 years working to protect Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage. Now, with over 5,000 projects under his belt, we can see the results of Ron’s passion for public archaeology. He has written more than 90 books and articles on the subject and contributed to several award-winning museum exhibitions and documentaries.

Ron has always maintained that the most important thing we do as archaeologists and cultural heritage workers is to share our work, and we are so happy to see that passion being honoured!