Camp X: Secret Agent School

Yap Films newest documentary Camp X: Secret Agent School premiered on HISTORY Canada on July 14, 2014.

The documentary tells the story of how a secret agent training school began in Canada – near Whitby, Ontario – in the dark days of the Second World War. At Camp X, British instructors taught American and Canadian soldiers the deadly art of espionage, leading to the establishment of the CIA. Archaeological Services Inc. was involved in the film in a minor way as Dr. Ron Williamson and a team of ASI archaeologists lead excavations on the original site of the camp. ASI team members Dr. Katie Hull and Blake Williams appear in the film.

The documentary also features incredible first-hand anecdotes of real secret agents who attended Camp X, extensive access to the camp’s formerly sealed training manual, expert historical context from military historians David O’Keefe and Norman Killian, and lush, dramatic re-enactments of this intense episode of history. The documentary vividly brings to life the exciting adventures of these early spies and the range of skills they learned at the camp: demolition, codes and ciphers, surveillance and counter surveillance, cover stories, and close combat.

Watch the trailer below and read The Globe and Mail’s press coverage of the film’s release.