ASI’s Doug Todd to give a talk on Niagara Falls history

Come learn about the history of the City of Niagara Falls! Our very own Doug Todd will be discussing the past uses of the location of the Niagara Falls Exchange- a new creative and cultural hub designed by DTAH that will be located on Main Street.

Doug was on the spot during construction as an archaeological monitor keeping an eye out for any artifacts related to the war of 1812. None of those were found, but Doug collected some interesting 20th century artifacts that he is going to be using to tell the story of this unique place! Thank you to the City of Niagara Falls Museums for hosting this talk, we are expecting a big turnout!

The talk is taking place on Thursday, May 6th at 7pm. You can register here:

Update! A recording of the talk is now available, you can watch it here: