ASI at the Canadian Archaeological Association Conference

ASI is participating in the annual CAA & AAQ Conference, taking place this year in Quebec City from May 15-18, 2019. The theme for this year’s symposium is Heritage at Risk, looking at  current challenges to physical and intangible heritage, including climate change, obsolete technologies and expanding development.

From the conference description: “This theme highlights possible looming crises for archaeologists, heritage resource managers and the public, as well as potential policy, education and technological solutions.”

On Friday, May 17th, ASI is sponsoring a full day session on the Middle Woodland Period, an era in Ontario’s Indigenous history spanning from 2400 to 1000 years before the present. The Middle Woodland period involved profound changes to lifeways and trade networks in the Northeast, yet is the least documented of the Woodland periods. We are happy to support this much needed session in order to shed more light on this important era.

Senior Associate Robert Pihl is presenting a paper at that session titled “Ware is Point Peninsula? Or, Who was living on the lower Credit River during the Middle Woodland Period?” Rob will be presenting results from his detailed ceramic analyses of three Middle Woodland sites, and their significance for the larger interpretation of this era.

Click to see the full CAA program, there are so many great papers and posters on the docket this year!