To best preserve our cultural heritage legacy in any planning and development context

ASI is a Canadian-owned company that was founded in 1980 in response to increasing public awareness of the importance of the province's heritage. With offices in Toronto and Burlington, we are the largest archaeological and cultural heritage consulting firm in Ontario.

Pre-Development Assessments

Our team of provincially licensed archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists provide expert archaeological and cultural heritage evaluations.

Archaeological Excavations

When protection of sites isn't possible, our archaeologists call on their unparalleled expertise to conduct Stage 4 mitigative excavations throughout Ontario.

Heritage Planning

Our cultural heritage specialists offer a range of consulting services in built heritage and cultural landscape conservation, planning and management.

Policy Development

ASI are industry leaders in the development of archaeological and cultural heritage landscape policy and guidelines for municipal, regional and provincial clients.

The Authority of Experience

We have completed over 5,000 projects throughout Ontario, and with a full time, permanent, staff of over 50 individuals and an additional seasonal staff of up to approximately 50 field technicians, we have the logistical and human resources necessary to bring any cultural heritage management project to fruition.

Feature Film

Camp X: Secret Agent School

Yap Films newest documentary Camp X: Secret Agent School premiered on HISTORY Canada on July 14, 2014. The documentary tells the story of how a secret agent training school began in Canada - near Whitby, Ontario - in the dark days of the Second World War. At Camp X, British instructors taught American and Canadian soldiers the deadly art of espionage, leading to the establishment of the CIA. Ar... Read More

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