Ontario Archaeology Guide

Hafted perforators- tools attached to a handle used for piercing Early Palaeo points: Gainey and Barnes projectile points are large and fluted; these would be hafted to a dart or spear. The flute scar is the most distinctive element, as well as the parallel flaking pattern, they have a very well made appearance. Late Palaeo points: Hi-Lo and Holcombe points are quite thick, especially in the center End scrapers Palaeo-Indian 10 000- 8000 B.C.E. At the end of the Ice Age, Ontario had a tundra-like environment. Small populations of nomadic peoples hunted caribou with spears and darts thrown with atlatls, which predate the bow and arrow. It is presumed that they also trapped smaller animals, birds, caught fish and collected berries. Palaeo-Indian sites are rare relative to later sites, and consist of lithic scatters with distinctive tool types and varieties of chert, and very occasionally faunal remains.