Our 8th Annual Field Photo Contest

It’s that time of year again! As the screens are folded, the shovels stowed, cameras tucked away in their bags, everyone’s toes are about to be toasty warm in their slippers at home and the field season is coming to a close… which means it’s time for our Field Photo Contest! Join us in voting […]

Equipment Solutions for Remote Archaeological Fieldwork

When you think about CRM archaeological work, you likely imagine a crew out in the sunshine, digging, troweling, and screening away in their Hi-Vis vests. But there are a lot of other people in CRM working tirelessly behind the scenes to allow those excavations to happen! Our equipment team is responsible for keeping the gear […]

Our 7th Annual Field Photo Contest!

We are lucky to have fantastic staff who have taken stunning photos across our 2022 Field Season! This year is our 7th year running our Field Photo Contest which brings to light the incredible landscapes, wonderful wildlife, and onsite comradery! The photos are organized into four categories: Fieldwork, Above Ground Heritage, Artifacts, and Nature. lease […]

Our Sixth Annual Field Photo Contest!

2021 has been a year filled with amazing projects, all documented by the talented photographers we have on staff! This is our sixth year running this contest to give our amazing employees their due. The photos are organized into four categories: Above Ground Heritage, Fieldwork, Artifacts, and Nature.  Make sure you scroll down right to […]

A Thread Between Generations: Indigenous Beadwork From Then to Now

Pile of groundstone beads held in outstretched hands

For National Indigenous People’s Day, we are highlighting the artistry of beads that we have recovered from Indigenous archaeological sites and celebrating the innovative beading of contemporary Indigenous artists. After sharing the careful craftsmanship and manufacturing process of excavated beads, we will be profiling four inspiring Indigenous artists who are finding new meaning in their […]

We Are Sharing Our Research!

A Detailed Ceramic Analysis of the Sidey-Mackey Site The Sidey-Mackay site is a Tionontaté village that dates to approximately 1580 and is located close to present-day Creemore, Ontario. This was once the home of several hundred people who built longhouses, cultivated the land to grow the three sisters, and created beautiful objects including ceramic vessels. […]

Our fifth annual Field Photo Contest!

It’s that time of year again when we admire all of the amazing photographers we have on staff! We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the world of archaeologists and cultural heritage workers. In the last four years we have had such a wealth of great photos, that this year we decided to organize […]

The Case of the Decomposing Artifact

Artifact bag melted from cellulose off gassing

The Challenges of Curating Early Plastic Artifacts in Archaeological Collections Earlier this fall we pulled a small archaeological collection out of our archive only to discover a minor disaster. An artifact made from an early form of plastic was beginning to decompose, releasing gas into the rest of the collection. The result was a fragmented […]

Our fourth annual Field Photo contest!

It’s that time of year again when we admire all of the amazing photographers we have on staff! We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the world of archaeologists and cultural heritage workers. These photos show the range of field experiences at ASI, whether encountering a natural landscape, a unique building, an exciting artifact, […]

Halloween Screen Decorating Contest!

It’s a spooky time of year, and we decided to have a little Halloween fun! We challenged our crews to decorate their screens, and they were all so creative! Scroll down to look at all their entries, and vote for your favourite below. Allanah Macdonald‘s crew showed their love of gaming with their submission! Raquel […]