Aboriginal Engagement

Eagle Thunderbird Nest

Eagle Thunderbird Nest

We are leaders in establishing Aboriginal Engagement programs, where appropriate, in recognition of the ongoing interests Aboriginal communities may have concerning the cultural heritage remains left by their ancestors.

ASI recognizes the importance of engaging Aboriginal communities as they play an important role in guiding the treatment of their cultural heritage resources and that their interests should be reflected accordingly.

We are experts in establishing consultation and engagement programs with appropriate Aboriginal representatives to ensure that consultation is effective and inclusive. ASI has consulted and engaged extensively with Aboriginal communities in the context of a large number of Environmental Assessment projects, planning studies, Traditional Ecological Knowledge studies, and cemetery or archaeological site-specific issues in Ontario and beyond.

We provide the following Aboriginal Engagement services:

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge research
  • Archaeological site-specific Aboriginal engagement
  • Aboriginal engagement and facilitation for municipal planning processes
  • Aboriginal consultation for culturally sensitive heritage design
  • Cultural sensitivity training for public and private sector clients