Multi-Scalar Perspectives on Iroquoian Ceramics: Aggregation and Interaction in pre-Contact Ontario

Process and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology Investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian Space and Place (University Press of Colorado) - Eric E. Jones and John L. Creese (Editors)

The research in this volume represents a new wave of spatial research­—exploring beyond settlement patterning to the process and the meaning behind spatial arrangement of past communities and people—and describes new approaches being used for better understanding of past Northern Iroquoian societies. Addressing topics ranging from household task-scapes and gender relations to bioarchaeology and social network analysis, Process and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology demonstrates the vitality of current archaeological research into ancestral Northern Iroquoian societies and its growing contribution to wider debates in North American archaeology.

This cutting-edge research will be of interest to archaeologists globally, as well as academics and graduate students studying Northern Iroquoian societies and cultures, geography, and spatial analysis.


"The papers in this volume are a wonderful collection of state-of-the-art Iroquoian archaeology. . . . Several of the papers will be widely cited for years to come."
—Gary Warrick, Wilfrid Laurier University