Conference Contribution

A 21st Century “Kettle with One Spoon:” Aboriginal Engagement Program for the York Region Archaeological Management Plan

Canadian Archaeological Association Conference 2012

The Region of York is undertaking an Aboriginal Engagement Program in conjunction with their
Archaeological CAA 2012Management Plan. The Program has involved a number of Aboriginal communities (Anishnaabe, Iroquoian and Métis) who have an interest in the Region’s archaeological record. The Region has taken key steps to ensure that there are no barriers to participation. From day trips to Georgina Island to evening meetings with the Métis, the Program has excelled at providing a voice to each community. This is particularly evident in the evolving policies of the Archaeological Management Plan and the Aboriginal Engagement Protocol which will set best practice standards for such plans and protocols in Ontario. Ongoing for over two years, the success of the Program can be attributed to the Aboriginal communities who have come together to embody the ideology of the “kettle with one spoon.”