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City of Toronto
Archaeological Master Plan

The City of Toronto retained ASI, in association with Commonwealth Historic Resources Management Limited, Golder Associates, and Historica Research Limited, to prepare a detailed planning and management study for archaeological resources within the City.

The Archaeological Master Plan has four major goals:

Three 2500 year-old flint spearheads were found at an archaeological site on the Eglinton Flats.

Three 2500 year-old flint spearheads were found at an archaeological site on the Eglinton Flats – one of 172 registered sites in the City of Toronto.

1) the compilation of detailed, reliable inventories of registered and unregistered archaeological sites within the City;

2) the preparation of a thematic overview of the City’s settlement history as it relates to the potential occurrence of additional pre-and post-contact archaeological resources;

3) the development of an archaeological site potential model, based on known site locations, past and present land uses, environmental and cultural-historical data, and assessment of the likelihood for survival of archaeological resources in various urban contexts and assessment.

4) the provision of recommendations concerning the preparation of archaeological resource conservation and management guidelines for the City.

The study began with a comprehensive review of archaeological conservation policies in major cities around the world focusing on Europe, Asia and North America. The resultant design for this study represents one of the most effective approaches to archaeological resource conservation currently employed by a major city anywhere in the world.

For more information, see the City of Toronto’s Interim Report regarding archaeological resources.