Conference Contributions

A 21st Century “Kettle with One Spoon:” Aboriginal Engagement Program for the York Region Archaeological Management Plan

Zeeshan Abedin (ASI), Ron Williamson (ASI), Barbara Jeffrey (York Region) and Laura Atkins-Paul (York Region)
Canadian Archaeological Association Conference 2012

The Region of York is undertaking an Aboriginal Engagement Program in conjunction with their Archaeological Management Plan. The Program has involved a number of Aboriginal communities (Anishnaabe, I... Read More

An Early 20th Century Man with Advanced Tertiary Syphilis

Alexis Dunlop, M.Sc., Crystal Forrest, PhD, Dr. Ronald F. Williamson, Dr. Susan Pfeiffer, Dr. Olivier Dutour
Paleopathology Association's 36th Annual Metting, Chicago, 2009

This poster presents a case study of a man with advanced tertiary syphilis who was judicially hanged in the early  20th century and was encountered during a 2008 archaeological assessment by ASI a... Read More

Geophysical Survey Applications To The CRM Industry In Ontario

John Dunlop, BA Hons, Dan Kellogg, MSc, and Blake Williams, MLitt
Canadian Archaeological Association Conference 2012

Geophysical survey applications to cultural resource management (CRM) archaeology have been underused and underappreciated in most planning jurisdictions in Ontario. As a result, there has been little... Read More

Geospatial Data on Parade

Anatolijs Venovcevs, Blake Williams, John Dunlop, and Daniel Kellogg (ASI)
Ontario Archaeological Society Symposium 2012

In 2011, as part of a film project for History Television commemorating the bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812, ASI conducted an archaeological investigation at Fort York’s central parade g... Read More

Hidden from View: The Story of an Early Sixteenth Century Iron Tool in Eastern North America

Andrea Carnevale (ASI), Ronald Williamson (ASI.), Martin Cooper (ASI) and Jennifer Birch (University of Georgia)
77th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Memphis 2012
57th Annual Midwest Archaeological Conference La Crosse, Wisconsin 2011

An iron tool was recovered from an excellent sealed context at the early sixteenth century ancestral Huron-Wendat Mantle site near Toronto. It is one of the earliest European artifacts to have been ... Read More

Hockey as a Cultural Heritage Landscape

Lauren Archer (ASI)
National Trust Conference 2016

Hockey fulfills a lot of roles in Canada: It’s a sport, a past-time, a form of entertainment, and, frequently, a symbol for nationhood and identity. Hockey could also be recognized as an evolved con... Read More

Public Communications in the Ontario CRM Industry

Caitlin Coleman
Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Conference 2019

In Ontario's Cultural Resource Management industry, we are experiencing a profound change in how we communicate with the public. Where once we relied on newspapers, academic journals, and museums to d... Read More

Reflections on Early Holocene Chert Use in the Niagara Peninsula

Robert I. MacDonald, Ronald F. Williamson and Douglas Todd
Eastern States Archaeological Federation Conference 2008

Early Paleo-Indians at the Mount Albion West site in Hamilton, Ontario, situated on the brow of the Niagara Escarpment on top of a local outcrop of Lockport-Goat Island Formation chert, chose not to u... Read More

The Future of Heritage in Ontario

Chair: Joel Konrad (ASI), Participants: Marcus Letourneau (Queens University), Rebecca Sciarra (ASI), David Cuming (Cultural Heritage Resource Consultant), Robert MacDonald (ASI), Michelle Lee (City of Waterloo), and Stephan Heathorn (McMaster University)
Asociation of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS) Conference 2016

Private sector cultural heritage evaluation, protection, and management in Ontario exist at the nexus of academic theory, legislative direction, and land-use planning. Heritage work in this context fo... Read More

The Geoarchaeology of the Peace Bridge Site, Fort Erie, Ontario

Robert I. MacDonald, Stephen M. Douglas (Ministry of Natural Resources), Paul F. Karrow (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Waterloo), and Albert J. VandenBygaart (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
Canadian Archaeological Association Conference 2008

The Peace Bridge site (AfGr-9) is a very large multi-component site situated at the head of the Niagara River in the Town of Fort Erie, Ontario. On-going archaeological investigations have documented ... Read More

The Grave Tale of the Riddle Site

Andrea Carnevale (ASI.), Katherine Hull (ASI.), Suzanne Needs-Howarth (Zooarchaeological consultant), Eva MacDonald (ASI)
Ontario Archaeological Society Symposium 2006

This paper outlines the study process and analysis of a unique historic site documented in Markham Township. It was anticipated that the Stage 4 excavation of the Riddle site (AlGt-486), which wa... Read More