Bones of the Ancestors

Ronald F. Williamson and Susan Pfeiffer

In 1997, an Iroquoian ossuary dating to the thirteenth century containing the remains of at least 87 people was accidentally discovered in Toronto. The pit was excavated and recorded. Detailed mapping... Read More

Government on Fire

Frank Dieterman and Ron Williamson

Government on Fire presents a lively account of the discovery and delineation of an important historical and archaeological site for Toronto and beyond. It also suggests some lessons for urban planner... Read More

Legacy of Stone

Ron Williamson and Rob MacDonald

Co-authored by Ron Williamson and Rob MacDonald, and published in association with the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority and eastendbooks. Legacy of Stone was the winner of the Ontario Ar... Read More

Taming the Taxonomy

Ronald F Williamson and Christopher M. Watts

Taming the Taxonomy is the published proceedings of the 1997 joint Ontario Archaeological Society and Midwestern Archaeological Conference symposium. This publication, which was co-edited by Chris Wat... Read More