“He Must Die Unless the Whole Country Shall Play Crosse:” The Role of Gaming in Great Lakes Indigenous Societies

Ronald F. Williamson and Martin S. Cooper
Prehistoric Games of North American Indians Subarctic to Mesoamerica (The University of Utah Press) - Barbara Voorhies (Editor)

Prehistoric Games of North American Indians is a collection of studies on the ancient games of indigenous peoples of North America. The authors, all archaeologists, muster evidence from artifacts, arc... Read More

A Forty-Year Fascination With Fort York

Eva MacDonald (ASI), David Spittal, and David Robertson (ASI)
Archaeology of the War of 1812 (Left Coast Press) - Michael Lucas (Editor) and Julie M Schabilitsky (Editor)

This is the first summary of archaeological contributions to our understanding of the War of 1812, published as the war commemorates its 200th anniversary. The contributors of original papers discuss ... Read More

Archaeology 101

Ronald F. Williamson
Heritage Matters
Revealing the past: Ontario's archaeological heritage, October 2015

What is archaeology? This may seem like a straightforward question, but you would be surprised with the answers that Canadians give to this question. In the early 2000s, the University of British Co... Read More

Challenges of archaeological collections management

Robert I. MacDonald
Heritage Matters
Revealing the past: Ontario's archaeological heritage, October 2015

While buildings are among the most visible elements of heritage landscapes, they are frequently like the tip of the proverbial iceberg, associated with vast underground archaeological deposits cap... Read More

Dining With John and Catharine Butler Before the Close of the Eighteenth Century

Eva MacDonald and Suzanne Needs-Howarth
In Northeast Historical Archaeology, Volume 42, Special Issue 1 (2013)
Foodways on the Menu: Understanding the Lives of Households and Communities through the Interpretation of Meals and Food-Related Practices.

The partial excavation of the homestead of Colonel John Butler in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake has afforded the opportunity to explore the daily activities of one Loyalist family after the establis... Read More

Industrial Malting Tiles Found on Toronto Hospital Site

Wesley Oldham
Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology Newsletter, March 2019

In July 2018, ASI undertook a Stage 4 salvage excavation of lands that were once part of the original Hospital Reserve in the Town of York, now Toronto. The hospital was an important public institutio... Read More

Initial Northern Iroquoian Coalescence

Jennifer Birch and Ronald F. Williamson
The Archaeology of Villages in Eastern North America (University of Florida Press) - Jennifer Birch and Victor D. Thompson (Editors)

In this chapter, we employ the rich corpus of archaeological settlement data available for southern Ontario and New York State to examine the processes associated with village formation. This included... Read More

Multi-Scalar Perspectives on Iroquoian Ceramics: Aggregation and Interaction in pre-Contact Ontario

Jennifer Birch, Robert B. Wojtowicz, Aleksandra Pradzynski, and Robert H. Pihl
Process and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology Investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian Space and Place (University Press of Colorado) - Eric E. Jones and John L. Creese (Editors)

The research in this volume represents a new wave of spatial research­—exploring beyond settlement patterning to the process and the meaning behind spatial arrangement of past communities and peopl... Read More

Mystery Ship Arrives at Fort York

David Robertson and Thanos Webb
The Fife and Drum (July 2015)

Beginning in 2005, ASI began working with the developers in the Fort York Neighbourhood to record the vestiges of the harbour infrastructure in this portion of the waterfront, particularly the Queen's... Read More

Navigating ancestral landscapes in the Northern Iroquoian world

Jennifer Birch and Ronald F. Williamson
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, Volume 39 (2015)

After the transition to settled village life ca. AD 1300, the Northern Iroquoian peoples of northeastern North America relocated their settlements every few decades or less. Frequent village location... Read More

Organizational Complexity in Ancestral Wendat Communities

Jennifer Birch and Ronald F. Williamson
From Prehistoric Villages to Cities: Settlement Aggregation and Community Transformation (Routledge Studies in Archaeology) Jennifer Birch, Ed.

During the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, the Northern Iroquioan societies of northeastern North America experienced a process of widespread settlement aggregation. In southern Ontario,... Read More

Policy Planning For Managing Cultural Heritage Landscapes: A Case Study

Rebecca Sciarra, CAHP and Lauren Archer
Good Footings: The Newsletter on the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals, No. 3 Spring 2017

In 2016, ASI's Cultural Heritage Division prepared a Cultural Heritage Landscape Feasibility Study on the Mohawk Canal and Alfred Watts Hydro Generating Station Ruins for the City of Brantford. ASI re... Read More

Settlement and Subsistence Change at the Turn of the First Millenium: The View From the Holmedale Site, Brantford, Ontario

Robert Pihl, Stephen G. Monckton, David A. Robertson and Ronald F. Williamson
Current Northeast Paleoethnobotany II, New York State Museum Bulletin Series 512 - John P. Hart (Editor)

The agricultural “revolution” in southern Ontario, like many others in the archaeological record elsewhere, was by no means marked by a sudden transformation, as its full effects were not manifest... Read More